How it works

A free Bulk sms platform that enable users send BULK SMS Application. Its currently integrated with 10 Top SMS subscribers, which includes:

* EStore SMS (


* Bulk SMS Nigeria (

* CheapestBulksmsinNigeria (

* XWireless (

* Smart Sms Solutions (


* Sms Mobile 24 (

* Sms Clone (

* Mobile Automated Systems (

Other SMS provider would be added in subsequent version. Just install, and use at ease.

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About us

Smssender is a unique bulk sms intergrator suite that integrates with other bulk sms service provider. It simply helps bridge the gap in sending SMS over the web, as the android app help user easily access contact on your phone, and help reach audience target at a click within you reach. Think Simplicity, Think SMSSENDER.


some supercool features

Yes there are plenty. But you don't have to believe, just browse!


Easy Look and Feel.

This app is as easy as it can ever get, with unique color combination that enable users easily navigate through each functionality. Its as easy as it can get. Simplicity says it all, and that's our major focus.


Embedded Provider.

Also, this app currently supports 10 different working bulk sms. More subscribers would be added to later updates


Easy Contact Use.

The basis of this app is Simplicity. Just like ABC, its super easy to navigate about without prior knowledge of how it works.

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